3 vital Factors to think about once getting a Walk-In tub

As we tend to age, several everyday activities that we tend to commonly deem granted become tougher to try and do. for several senior voters nowadays, a walk-in vessel is creating time spent within the restroom abundant safer, notably for those in assisted living.

Walk-in bathtubs have a watertight door that accommodates individuals with disabilities or quality problems so they will step in and out of the tub a lot of simply. In several cases, they take the place of a standard vessel and their square measure many various varieties and configurations to satisfy the requirements of virtually every client and housing layout.

If you discover yourself within the marketplace for a walk-in vessel of your own, here square measure some stuff you might want to require into thought before creating the purchase.


Adults older than sixty-five years older suffer the best variety of fatal falls in line with the planet Health Organization and 20-30% of these WHO fall suffer moderate to severe injuries as a result. The addition of a walk-in vessel within the home drastically reduces the danger of falling by decreasing the peak of the brink of the bathtub that folks need to step over to urge in. Walk-in tubs conjointly typically embody alternative options like inbuilt handrails, anti-slip flooring, and contoured seating to assist scale back the danger of fall.

Conversely, one issue noted with walk-in bathtubs is that the water temperature. Since you need to enter the bathtub before filling it, one isn’t able to take a look at and change the temperature of the water before moving into. besides, since you’ve got to take a seat within the vessel whereas it fills, it’s doable to become acclimated to dangerous water temperatures throughout that point. Most tubs do come back equipped with a scald hindrance valve, however, it’s still an opportunity to contemplate once getting a walk-in vessel.


A nice feature of most walk-in tubs is that they need deeper walls than a standard tub, that permits for a deeper water level once bathing. Most ancient tubs have a depth around 13 to 14 inches, whereas walk-in tubs will offer up to roughly 4 feet reckoning on the model, giving cushty expertise whereas sitting upright.

However, as a result of the deeper walls, the time to fill and drain will take quite a bit longer. you furthermore may need to keep the door closed throughout this method, thus it suggests that you’ve got to pay the whole time sitting within the tub, departure you exposed to the air for up to many minutes. Some models come back equipped with fast exhausting options to hurry this method up, and heated seat choices are out there to stop turning into too chilled throughout the filling and exhausting method. Everything relies upon your necessary solace level.


One necessary issue to stay in mind is that a lot of walk-in vessel models come back equipped with multiple options all combined in one tub. Meaning, instead of having to get several modifications and add-ons for your vessel, options like over tub seats, handrails, anti-scald valves, and non-slip flooring have already come back normal on several models. this protects time each in terms of creating modifications and within the construction throughout the transforming method.

That said, walk-in bathtubs are rather expensive, and reckoning on your amount, prices will vary from anyplace between $3,000 spring up to $25,000 when installation prices. It’s necessary to speak to your insurance supplier and also the installer to search out out what options and the way abundant of the price of walk-in tub square measure coated by insurance.

Lastly, whereas not essentially a pro/con though, it’s necessary to notice the scale of your restroom and also the size of the tub it will support. to assist therewith, get the measurements of your tub, each within and out.

Consider queries like:

How wide is that the tub?

Will it match through any slim doorways or hallways within the house?

Will, you would like a bathtub door that opens inwards or outwards?

How huge is that the tub door, and might you rehearse it easily?

How huge is that the tub seat wide and depth? are you able to sit in it comfortably?

What is the required water depth, and the way abundant water will it go to fill the tub? reckoning on the quantity of light required, you will have to be compelled to contemplate replacement your plight tank additionally.

By no suggests that is that this a comprehensive list, each client and the social unit is different. even so, all potential patrons ought to contemplate these queries, and also the necessary factors of safety, comfort, and price before getting their walk-in vessel.