Vinyl vs. Laminate: What’s the difference?

When you’re trying to find budget-friendly, easy-care flooring choices, vinyl, and laminate are typically the primary 2 suggestions you’ll get. whereas these 2 forms of floors have a lot of in common, they need some key variations. you ought to take into account these once deciding that one to put in in your home. If you’re unsure whether or not to decide on vinyl vs laminate, use this guide to assist you to create the correct call for your wants.

Vinyl Flooring execs and Cons

Vinyl flooring is formed from 100% plastic. This composition offers its superior resistance to wet. once water sits on vinyl floors, even for extended periods of your time, it won’t injury the surface. Vinyl’s water resistance makes it a superb alternative for rooms that are susceptible to wet. as an example, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements.

3 Main forms of Vinyl Flooring


Some forms of vinyl flooring are waterproof. as an example, wood plastic and chemical compound composite (WPC) vinyl are waterproof. this can be due to its composition of thermoplastics, wood flour, and carbonate. It is often put in areas wherever high wet levels are a gift. alternative waterproof vinyl floor choices embody stone plastic composite (SPC) vinyl, made of natural rock powder, vinyl polymer, and stabilizer. it’s additionally called rigid core vinyl. you’ll install it over many sorts of flooring as a floating floor. once considering wet exposure, within the vinyl vs laminate dialogue, vinyl flooring could be a clear winner.

Historically, many of us thought-about vinyl esthetically inferior to laminate. Now, however, vinyl has returned a protracted approach once it involves vogue decisions.


Vinyl encompasses a longer period and higher overall sturdiness than laminate. Don’t forget to think about your budget, however. Vinyl flooring is also costlier than laminate flooring, particularly if you decide on luxury vinyl flooring. though it will last doubly as long as laminate, vinyl flooring might involve a bigger direct investment.

Laminate Flooring execs and Cons

Laminate could be an artificial product that simulates the design of real hardwood. It will have associate degree authentic wood floor look that creates it, fashionable householders, World Health Organization just like the type of hardwood however wish to pay less cash on the flooring. though it’s a budget-friendly flooring sort, laminate doesn’t perform well once it involves wet. Some forms of laminate have waterproof properties, however, these flooring choices aren’t waterproof and can become seriously broken if the water sits on them for associate degree extended amount of your time.


One of the foremost edges of selecting laminate flooring within the vinyl vs laminate dialogue is that the snug feels underfoot. you’ll not be regarding} this feature as a major think about your call about that flooring sort to decide on, however, the underfoot feel will have a giant impact on whether or not you fancy walking on your floors day in and day trip. Laminate encompasses a thicker composition that features wood content, that helps it to feel hotter and slightly soft. Vinyl, however, tends to be quite laborious and cold to the bit, therefore it’s typically not the most effective alternative for main living areas and bedrooms.

Many homeowners like the design of laminate thereto of vinyl. though each flooring varieties are available a spread of designs, colors, and patterns, laminate usually options higher mental imagery or embossing that offers the floors a lot of realistic looks. Generally, householders can opt for laminate over vinyl for extremely visible areas of their homes, like entryways, living rooms, and feeding rooms.


In several cases, laminate floors have to be compelled to get replaced at intervals of ten years of installation. The upper side is that the initial value of laminate floors is usually lower. If you’re on a good budget, laminate flooring permits you to grant your floors a contemporary New Look for less cash. make sure to save lots of up for the ultimate replacement floors if you propose to remain in your home for a protracted time.

Vinyl vs Laminate: The Similarities

To summarize, vinyl could be a more sensible choice after you want water resistance, lifespan, and sturdiness in your flooring. Meanwhile, laminate is desirable if you wish a lot of fashionable looks, lower prices, and a cushty feel underfoot.

Despite their variations, laminate and vinyl are similar in a very variety of how together with the following:

Ease of Installation: If you would like a foam rug pad for laminate or attempt to install vinyl cloth, you’ll want the assistance of execs to complete the installation. However, each laminate and vinyl are available planks that lock along like a floating floor or virtually any style of a subfloor, supplying you with the choice for straightforward DIY installation with either flooring sort.

Maintenance: Vinyl and laminate are each straightforward to stay clean. Simply mop, vacuum, or sweep pro needed. you do not want special cleanup products or machinery to stay these floors in good condition.

Eco-Friendliness: each form of flooring have environmentally friendly choices on the market for purchase. If you wish to travel “green”, hunt for vinyl with a LEED credit EQ4.3 for Low-Emitting Material or laminate that qualifies for LEED MR4c four.1-4.2 (Recycled Content) standing.

Cost: Laminate is usually found at lower costs compared to vinyl. this relies on what style of vogue and options you are looking for. With vinyl vs laminate, the worth is comparatively comparable. each ar thought-about to be 2 of the foremost budget-friendly flooring choices.

Decide your main criteria for your new floors. Is it a lot of vital to urge waterproof flooring or one thing that appears a lot of like real wood? does one care a lot of regarding the texture underfoot or the period of your new floors? Use this guide to assist weigh the execs and cons once selecting between vinyl and laminate flooring. the following pointers ought to assist you to form associate degree conversant call and improve the looks and worth of your home.