Top 3 Mortgage Housing Scams You Must Know About

Housing Scams Alert

During this pandemic time many people going through their hardest situations like salary-cuts, job loss, and health problems as well. Because of pandemic everyone is seeking for money which results in crime rate and burglary. which is also impact on Mortgage Scams.

crime rate is drastically increasing and you must have Home Security and Home Improvement.

Banks margins have many debt-mired homeowners thinking what they can possibly do to save their homes from foreclosure.

Unfortunately, for every oppressed soul, there is a scumbag con artist waiting to take advantage of you.

These scammers mask themselves and they pretend to be good with you, But actually they are not as they seems. They are expert scams and will play with your mind. Be safe from that kind of persons who only have eyes on your cheque book not on your requirements.

Keep your eye open for this kind of warning signs and make sure you don’t trap in their tricks. Be aware of mortgage scams and not be their next victim.

There are two main intensions of mortgage Scams

Fraud for profit : In this type of fraud mostly scammers involved are from industry insiders. Because they have good knowledge of this industry.

They are specialized in doing these kind of mortgage scams because they are well trained. According to Current investigations and reports It indicate a high percentage of mortgage fraud involves collusion by industry insiders. Such as bank officers, appraisers, mortgage brokers, attorneys, loan inventors, and other professionals in the industry. 

The main aim of this kind of frauds is not to secure your home but to misuse the mortgage lending process and steal cash, equity from lenders or property holder. The FBI lists fraud for profit cases.

Fraud for housing : This sort of misrepresentation is regularly spoken to by unlawful activities taken by a borrower spurred to secure or keep up responsibility for your house. The borrower may, for instance, distort pay and resource data on a credit application or tempt an appraiser to control a property’s evaluated esteem.

Types of Mortgage Housing Scams

1.The Fake Government Call.

When receive a call from government agency or from a company you never heard about which offers you to enroll in their program for saving your home in very polite way. They may sound professional to you and seems good to be true? But remember given below point when you receive this type of call,

  • Do not pay them: As many of them will ask you to pay first for the processing charges and ask you to pay for the assistance but remember this is a sign of fake one. Because real ones are generally free of service or assistance
  • Ask for their identification: No matter how much they seem trustworthy to you always ask questions as much you can the information you should ask is like their Name, Company Email, Phone number and remember their email should not with, etc it should be their company domain.
  • Ask for office address: Tell the person that you want discuss everything at their physical office mostly they ignore to give but if they give you their address take it and check it by visiting there to know the is address is correct or not.
  • Wait for the website: Mostly the real government people offer you without asking their website link to know more about their services and etc. but the fakes ones are not really providing you the correct website link.

After asking this sort of questions the scammer will cut the call or deny to give as much answers by saying that it’s confidential or anything like that so that’s the signs, they are not the real ones.

2. Mortgage Reconstruction Advisor

This is another famous trick. Thugs will offer their administrations to assist you with negotiating rates with your lenders. Obviously, they won’t do this for nothing. They will request a sizable, forthright expense before digging further into their secret ticks for approaches to take your cash.

One of the most well-known strategies utilized in this plan is tricking borrowers into permitting the con artist to assume control over their home loan instalments. After you’ve paid their charge for a month or two, they will generally vanish. When you get your first notice of delinquent instalments and this trick craftsman and cash are most likely gone forever.

Do not perform anything without conversing with outsiders, work legitimately with loan specialists (for example Stimulate Loans) and discover what administrations are accessible to you. Most budgetary foundations will gladly help you in any capacity they can.

3. They will obtain your asset

Some of the scammer don’t want your money but they will try to obtain your house. Instead by doing illegal activity and the worst part of this kind of activity is that you can not file a complaint against them, Because they do it smartly as they are the experts doing this and you will not be able to prove yourself right.

Here are two type of this kind of mortgage scams

  • Rescue Loan Scams:  A scammer will take your house in exchange for a rescue loan, an example of the bait-and-switch scam. The Scammer will tell you that the Mortgage Housing loan is provided by them is to save your house and make you sign the documents. But wait! did you read all the prints clearly and understand. However, and you will realize that you are actually granting your property in exchange for this loan. In court, the scammer can easily claim that they did you a service for you saving you from foreclosure. If you had sign on the documents without prior reading it’s your bad luck now. Because you cannot fight with them as they have a legal proof documents with your signature.
  • Rent to Buy : The cheater will tell to you that in the event that you allocate them your property and they will allow you to repurchase it later. You simply need to lease it for some time. While the deal will be explicitly stated, the rental guarantee won’t be calm and nor will it be regarded. “Yet, he guaranteed.” just won’t hold up in court.


There are a lot of dishonest persons out there who will do whatever they can to take advantage of innocent, hard-working Americans trying to save their homes.

Cheaters are often hard to recognize, because they are such undoubted liars. Guard yourself by asking the correct questions and dealing with the right people.

If you want assistance, check with your mortgagee to see if you are eligible for any type of assistance.

Make sure you know with whom you are working with and never sign a document without taking it to a lawyer or any qualified professional. This got similar with home improvement and reparation scams as well.

Have you ever been victim or troubled by the fake mortgage reconstruction scam? If yes then do help others too by sharing your story in the comments section.

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