People With This Habit Never Will Be House Owner.

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If you are person who don’t know the power of habits so read this blog why some peoples spend their life by paying rents.

After some point in life when done with your family planning having a home get the most important. Not having a fixed place to live will also impact on your child’s subconscious mind. Because not having house till your 40’s or 50’s is really a serious issue as it shows your poor management and habits in life. Nobody wants a their live to end in someone else house.

It’s better to make small changes in your every day routine. It’s okay to start late than end up having not your own home. Start taking initiatives from day one after you read this blog what you should stop doing from now.

“Your Habits have a power to make you or break you so choose wisely”

Do not get worried we are here for you guide for buying your first home with home warranty, Home Insurance everything you need to know for buying a home.   

So do not worry you will not end up suffering thought out your life without your own house. Read this blog to know what are your bad habits which is stopping your way to own house, know what you should stop doing.

Short-term thinking

This can be little subjective because we will tell you which to choose and which not to choose.

Well as everyone has their own perspectives in life some of may say short-terms thinking is good for them as they do not have a stressful thought about their future goals. And some of may say long term thinking is good. As long-term thinking will keep them on track and focused on their goals.

being a short-term thinker can make you unhappy as it’s it gives you short-term benefits. A short term- thinker usually fulfil there wants which is not even much required at that moment. These kinds of people end up spending more that’s the main reason they can’t afford expensive stuffs to buy such as buying a home.  

Un-adaptable to change

Most of persons who is enjoys being in their comfort zone will always prefer to be static than changing according to generation.

They always have static mind set Change can come into our lives because of an emergency, because of decision or just by some coincidence. In either circumstance, we are totally confronted with settling on a decision – do we roll out the improvement or not?

I accept that it is smarter to be ready for change since we have more power over how we respond to the change we are looking in our lives. At the point when you are ill-equipped and impervious to change, at that point you have no control or decision with regards to how you need to carry on with your life.

You carry on with your life as an orthodox instead of an activator of progress.


Your Procrastination is directly proportional to your laziness these people always delay their work. It is series sum of behaviors which become your habit and by that you adapt procasting nature for long term. Due to which you can’t able to focus on long term-process of saving or making any strategic plan to invest to buy a house in future.

Our brain has specific chemical which release when we enjoy anything we like to do and which makes us doing again an again. Like this we get more attracted towards the immediate pleasure or instant result that’s why we mostly end up being in our comfort zone.

More consumption than saving

If you are a person who loves doing shopping and going for dinner every weekend without calculating monthly saving then stop it today. According to business experts we should only spent 28% of your income to our expenses.

Those who spend more than their limits will be happier. In the starting of the month but at the end they again come to zero.  This kind of people will either be happiest or the saddest due to their extra spending pattern. 

Over smart

The difference in between smart and over-smart is most of the smart people think they can do everything if they try. But on the other hand, over-smart people think they can do everything they want and nobody can do like them.

They always believe in faking up about themselves with habit of showing off. They mostly not a good listener and loves to about themselves and their past achievements. Living in past with their achievements is also one of the characteristics of over-smart person.

No investment

There can be a several reasons why you don’t invest but the most common one is that people are afraid of investing as they think they will lose money if they did. The one who afraid are most likely to happen that they don’t have a proper knowledge about investing.

In America according to a survey found that 42% of those who weren’t investing yet and were staying out of the stock market. Because they believed they do not have enough money to invest. 76% said that their everyday living expenditures are too high and 49% are still paying off a student loan. These are just some stats which shows why people don’t invest but this is also one of the reasons why you don’t own a house of your own in your 40’s or in your 50’s.  

It is better to start with small and try to learn a bit every day about stock market and how to start investing with low risk. That will a quite long process but this will really help you in long term aspect

Thinking so big

The person who always think a big picture is good but if they want start everything big than it’s quite terrible. Because if you always want anything to start too big will end up doing nothing as a result you just wait for the big thinks to happen. Which is not at all good for your growth, perhaps we should not wait things to happen by their own. In fact, we should work with small thought and always try to fix which whichever situation comes in our way. Starting small if far better than wait for the right time to come.

Poor planning

Benjamin Franklin’s said ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail‘.

And I truly agree with him, what about you? write us on comment section.

we cannot get everything we want but at least a planning will keep us no track towards our goals. To ensure ourselves is we are on right direction or not. As family planning is important the same way planning to buy home for your family security is also important. No one wants their future to be insecure. So, no matter what we have to plan our every single day it is also beneficial for your motivation. The days when we don’t what to do next and you waste your time to think about what to do next so by planning your day will also saves your time. For long term planning we need to add microplanning method in our day to day life.

Now after reading this whole blog you probably know what you should not be doing right ?

If not yes do write what you think or you need some more information regarding buying a dream house. We are here to help you out with you every single doubt.

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